DELTOOL is an established small enterprise that serves the local market with sales, spares and repairs of Tools, Equipment and Small plant.

Since 2004, DELTOOL has become a leading name in the small plant local market; we've set the standard for excellence in everything we do. No company in Delmas  has a stronger or more compelling history of delivering the hardworking, powerful and innovational products that help professionals, tradesmen, farmers, contractors and consumers .


Izac Izakov starts a sole propriety called Delmas Exhaust Services. This business renders services in repairing and manufacturing aftermarket exhaust systems.


In 1990 the services of Delmas Exhaust services expand to include repairs to outdoor power equipment. Later the Stihl dealership is added.


Melt van Schoor partners with Ben Louw and buys the business from Izak Isakov. During the following year Melt buy the shares from Ben and registers the business as a closed corporation


The business is split strategical with the automotive franchise called DeGraaf undercar under Delmas Exhaust Services and the Stihl dealership with Robin under Deltool cc


Delmas Exhaust Services  is sold to concentrate on  growing outdoor power equipment business, Deltool.


After moving from premises to premises DELTOOL's owners eventually buys their own property in partnership with fellow property investors. DELTOOL is now a household name in Outdoor Power Equipment and anchored in the community of Delmas.

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