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Land preparation
Pest control
Land preparation

The basis for all growth – and a lot of work – is found in healthy soil. To ensure that tilling does not bring you out in a sweat, our powerful tillers tear up and turn over the soil while you effortlessly control the direction. Our tiller range makes extremely light work of even the most intensive and demanding ground work. While the extremely powerful engine turns over the soil, you benefit from a high degree of comfort when operating the rotary tiller. (Watch video)


Our cultivators comes a stand alone units or as attachments on your existing brush cutter or as part of a combination system. These products include impressive digging performance and high-quality features. Robust harnesses. The stand alone version has folding support frame, 250 mm rotating blades with long service life for optimal performance. Ergonomic handle design for effortless work. Handles protected against dirt when laying the tool down. (Watch video)


Push model fertilizer spreaders from 16 liter container to 60 liter spreading up to 3.6m

Transfer pump

50mm(2″) Poly Pump with 19mm (3/4″) keyway Shaft and 5 Vane Impeller used with petrol or diesel engines. Includes spacer kit seperating the pump and engine. This protects the engine from harmful chemicals. Unit assembled into a long or close couple sturdy frame for protection and easy transportation.


Your own garden is a place for experiencing freedom and recharging with energy. Our shredders create space for the essentials. Thanks to their powerful petrol and electric motors and innovative cutting systems, they transform woody as well as soft garden waste into mulch or composting material in next to no time. Capable of shredding branches up to 75mm. (Watch video)

Water pumps

The general engine driven water pump range include single cylinder petrol and diesel driven units with pumping capacity of up to 730 liters per minute. Larger units are available to transfer huge volumes of water. Electric driven water pumps are available to suite almost any need with automated control units as option extras.

Irrigation components

Rotors, MP Rotators, Nozzles, Spray bodies, Hydra-wise systems, Controllers, Censors, Remotes, Water management software, Valves, Micro irrigation, Accessories and installation tools available on request from Deltool.

Pest control
Manual sprayers

Handheld sprayers from STIHL allow you to spray pesticides and fertilisers quickly and accurately. From small gardens to medium-sized areas, STIHL offers the perfect solution for every spraying task. The simple-to-use STIHL SG 11 handheld sprayer is the ideal companion in small gardens, while the STIHL SG 31 handheld sprayer with telescopic tube and 5 litre tank can complete other jobs around the house with the utmost of ease. The brand-new STIHL SG 51 and STIHL SG 71 backpack sprayers are ideal for professional use across larger areas. Both tools are extremely robust, offer excellent ease of use and have a large tank for many hours of operation.

Motorized misters

Powerful mistblower for spreading fertiliser and distributing liquid plant control agents. Long range, large 13 litre chemical tank. Can also be converted to a blower. Versatile range of accessories.

Special harvesters

When the time has arrived to harvest olives, nuts and pistachios, the powerful and low-vibration STIHL special harvesters bring a healthy momentum to the plantations. These STIHL special harvesters help you protect plants and fruit while also conserving your strength. They're your reliable harvest helpers, right from the first day of harvesting. Other harvesters for tea and palm cutting available.

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