Stationary range
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Construction versions

Our stationary generator range comes in three construction versions, open sets, soundproof sets and container sets ranging from 10 to 3500kva. a Range of these generators are available on a rental agreement

Car Fuel

Fuel type

Fuel type options are available in Diesel, Natural gas, LPG and Biogas. 

Bright Idea Bulb


Our quotation software allows you to rate the size of the generator you need on KVA or KW, if you are not sure what size generator you need we could assist you by logging the power you use over a period of time and match the generator to the results plus possible additional information.

Utility Pole


Generators are purposely build for primary or standby use, thus making the correct selection is very important to ensure that the generator works for your application. If you are not sure what to select you are welcome to speak to an Deltool expert

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Control panel

Control panels are optional to your generator and included a choice between a manual control panel where human intervention is needed to start the generator, an automatic control panel where the generator is started via robotics when the main power fails and a control panel that synchronizes with an existing generator and comes online when the primary generator has insufficient capacity.

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Fleet manager


A communication device that enables remote and real-time supervision and monitoring of one or several generator set control units. The system is ready to send pre-programmed or configurable warnings. The genset transmits information every 60 minutes to the server, or whenever an event occurs. This reduces site visits which translates into fewer operation and maintenance costs. more

Light towers   (Get a quote)
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Manual light tower

With a mast that manually extends up to 6 metres height in the AS4005 ECO model and 9 metres in the rest of the models, the START series of towers are among the most versatile and competitive on the market. These towers very often perform a silent but crucial job. The light they provide enables work to be done on a high-speed train line connecting previously isolated towns, or enables the  emergency services to work when natural disasters happen. These lighting towers can operate for up to 70 hours non-stop, more than 7 nights without refuelling, and illuminate up to 32,000 square metres with their 4 1000W spotlights (384,000 lumens). 

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Automatic light tower

The small size of the APOLO BOX, in addition to its 126-hour running time, are also major advantages for work on roads and new infrastructures.

Its four 1000W spotlights can illuminate up to 33,000 square metres. Its hydraulic mast can rotate 360 degrees and extends up to 9 metres in record time, taking less than 25 seconds.


Solar diesel hybrid light tower

The solar light tower take the advantages of solar renewable energy and LED light systems. As with other light towers his product to is ideal for special events, construction and mining sites, security and any other application where on-demand lighting is required.
If operating costs (diesel fuel, maintenance, labour) as well as carbon emissions, noise, fumes and light pollution is of concern this is the product for you.

Portable generators
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Inverter generators

1600 - 5000 watt of super quiet power ideal for outdoors like camping and other places where people come together and electricity is needed.

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Portable power

1,2 - 12 kva of portable power. Diesel or petrol powered. Full open contractors sets to home standby with semi silent design.

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Welding generators

6kva generator with a build in 200amp welder ideal for contractors, farmers and other offsite needs.

Battery back up
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Battery back -up system

The unit is permanently connected to utility power so that while mains is present the extra large built-in battery charger recharges the batteries and keeps the batteries fully charged until a power failure occurs. The equipment you want to back up is also permanently connected via the system. In case of a power failure the backup system automatically switches over, via an extra fast transfer switch to the inverter, which will continue to provide power to the equipment within 15 msec. This is extremely fast and standard equipment like TVs, DSTV decoders, microwaves, fans, etc. are unaffected. The sinewave systems can also backup computers but it is possible that a very small percentage of computers could reset during the switchover time

Wall Clock

Run time

The amount of backup time is determined by the size of the connected battery bank and the load drawn from the system. The backup time is directly in proportion to the load drawn. The backup time is normally calculated at full load (i.e. if the system is a 2200VA system, full load is 2200VA). If you remove some of the connected load, then the backup time will be extended accordingly

Laptop Charger 2

Charge time

The recharge time of the batteries depends on how much power was removed from the batteries during a power failure. The recharge times in the catalogues is indicated at full battery discharge.

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Correct sizing of a generator is one of the most important things you should do before purchasing a generator. By connecting a power analyzer device to your power source DELTOOL could measure the actual power used. Alternatively an more manual approach could be used to calculate the power used. This data is analysed to size the generator(s) you need.

Load test.png

Load bank testing

You should have peace of mind that the generator you installed would be able to handle the demand it was installed for. With a load bank test DELTOOL could analyze if the existing generator is according to spec of if it has deteriorated due to inferior quality or running hours.

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DELTOOL enters into service level agreements with clients to keep their generators and light plants in good working conditions. Making use of remote monitoring systems enables remote and real-time supervision and monitoring of one or several generator set control units. The system is ready to send pre-programmed or configurable warnings. The genset transmits information every 60 minutes to the server, or whenever an event occurs. This reduces site visits which translates into fewer operation and maintenance costs.



DELTOOL takes on turn key projects but prefers to work with local contractor to install standby electricity. 

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There are many situations in which rental may be a preferable option to our clients than purchase. DELTOOL's Rental fleet of generators and ancillary equipment allows us to provide solutions ranging from a one day, 125kVA rental for an event, to synchronised 1275kVA diesel sets, complete with fuel tanks, step up transformers and cables for a MV multi megawatt, long term power solution.

Light plants are rented and maintained on site for a minimum of 12 months periods to start with.

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