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Trimmers & Brush cutters
Walk behind mowers
Ride-on mowers
Robot mowers
Specialized equipment
Trimmers and brush cutters

The trimmer range is ideal to add the finishing touches in garden care or landscape maintenance. They are the ideal complement to mowers and are used wherever the work of the mower needs finishing. Small areas of grass can also be mowed quickly with these machines. The range includes battery, electric and petrol driven units.

Brush cutters

The brushcutters cut through thick and thin when the motor mower is out of its depth, for instance on steep ground studded with bushes and trees. Depending on the machine's equipment and cutting tool, it can be used for everything from trimming lawn edges to thinning gnarled scrub. The range include petrol and battery driven units.

Clearing saws

The professional clearing saws are invaluable helpers when mowing through grass or scrub, clearing forest stands and for mowing or clearing vegetation in orchards or on difficult terrain. Seven performance classes allow you to choose the most appropriate clearing saw for your particular requirements.

Walk behind mowers
Small lawns

This lawn mower range is ideal for small gardens and has a cutting width of less than 460mm. These mowers are driven by battery, electricity or mechanical.

Medium lawns

This lawn mower range is ideal for small to medium gardens and has a cutting width of 460mm. These mowers are fitted with Battery or Electric driven motors or with Petrol engines. Self propelled units are available in this range.

Large lawns

This lawn mower range is ideal for medium to large gardens and has a cutting width of over 460mm. These mowers are fitted with Battery or Electric driven motors or with Petrol engines. Self propelled units are available in this range.

Extra large fields

With a cutting width of over 500mm and a very robust construction fitted with a strong petrol engine makes this range ideal for field type grass on a large area like a small holding.

Commercial use

Self propelled with a range of speeds and a cutting width of over 700mm. These very strong and simple machines are designed to handle robust conditions. 

Ride-on mowers
Lawn tractor

This reliable and powerful range offers both mulching and side discharge capabilities. These safe to use ride-on mowers have a variety of cutting heights and spreads. Cutting widths ranges from 840mm to 1220mm.

Stand on

These mowers has raised the bar with its patent-pending operator platform featuring suspension technology for optimal operator comfort and unparalleled productivity. It delivers the kind of heightened productivity that has become synonymous with the our brands. Precision-engineered for superior maneuverability and balanced stability and traction, the ergonomically designed mowers is loaded with innovative features that live up to its commitment to quality.

Zero turn

The fully independent suspension paired with powerful engine choices achieves new levels of comfort ability, performance and productivity. The suspension system protects the operator from uneven terrain, allowing consistent ground speed and taking full advantage of the mower’s power.

With a wide range to choose from, offering both diesel and gasoline powered engines, deck widths ranging from 112 cm to 183cm (44” to 72”) you will be sure to find the perfect Ferris zero turn mower to fit your needs.

Be surprised by the extremely high capacity and maximum operator comfort.

Robot mowers
Lawn tractor

The robotic lawn mowers combines power with intelligence. You’ll never have to mow your lawn again. Because it’s all taken care of – by a perfectionist. Suitable for a range of garden sizes from 800m² to 2600m².

Specialized lawn equipment

For exact lawn edges along paths, driveways or flowerbeds. Adjustable work depth, total length: 92 cm, Weight: 2.0 kg.


Removes moss and matted growth from the surface of the lawn quickly and thoroughly. Complete with guard extension.


Uniformly perforates the surface of the lawn so that it can breath again, thus considerably improving the supply of nutrients and root growth.

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