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a Self sustainable living lifestyle is good.

In cooperation with KRAGDAG and on an annual basis, DELTOOL demonstrates, educates and makes available products empowering people to live off the grid, create an income and have fun while doing there own thing.


Nothing proves the value of optimal purpose driven living like experiencing quality tools and equipment firsthand. DELTOOL and its committed suppliers aims to give visitors to this expo that experience by offering these tools and equipment to the visitor to use after a real time demonstrations of how to use these tools and equipment to built and maintain a typical family homestead. You could expect to not only see but take part in tasks like preparing foundations, cutting wood, building structures, making gardens, making compost etc. (see the list).

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What could be expected
Group Planting a Tree

Plant two trees

How to Plant a Tree

Planting a tree is not rocket science, but it is not quite as simple as digging a hole and dropping the tree into the hole.


Chop a tree

Join the DELTOOL team at KRAGDAG for live demonstrations on cutting trees the safe and responsible. Also learn how to take care of your chainsaw and how to correctly sharpen a cutting chain. Tree felling is an great opportunity to make additional income. 

Lumber Selection at Hardware Store

Wood processing

Visit DETOOL at KRAGDAG for specials on tools and equipment and live demonstrations on how to use it in processing wood from tree to timber to use in your timber projects like building your home, making furniture etc. Great income generating idea. 

Wooden Cabin

Build a house

One of the most basic needs of the human being is shelter, building your own house not only saves you allot of money but builds a strong inner self and family ties. Come join DELTOOL at KRAGDAG for live demonstration and great specials on power tools. 

Image by Chris Slupski


Security like electric fence is never a bad idea, it will help safegaurd you and yours against posible harm and keep live stock kamped. Visit DELTOOL at KRAGDAG for great advice and specials on security products. 

Image by mrjn Photography

We need water

At DELTOOL at KRAGDAG you would find products to harvest fresh and useable water from the planet as well as from grey water. You would also find demonstrations on the complete cycle on making the best use on every drop of water. 

Energy Efficiency Consultation

Alternative electricity

At DELTOOL at KRAGDAG you would find products to keep your lights on. Equipment and services for the full cycle of harvesting, storing and using electricity would be on display. Visit us to ask questions and even share some of your valuable stories in this regard. 

Image by Hannah Busing

DIY craft furniture

Come and attempt your hand at craft and making furniture with tools and equipment offered by DELTOOL at KRAGDAG. Network with likeminded individuals and exchange project ideas. You could sell your carpentry skills and make an additional income. 

Image by Iñigo De la Maza

Vegie garden

Visit DELTOOL at KRAGDAG and find tools, equipment and knowledge to make your vegetable garden more productive while saving you time. Selling your vegies or exchanging them is an excellent resource opportunity. 

Farmer with Organic Eggs

Chicken and the egg

At DELTOOL and KRAGDAG you could expect to find project like a chicken coop to produce eggs and chicken breeding. Here you would find all tools and equipment you need to build your own. You could also earn an income from your small chicken farm. 

Little Lamb

Backyard sheep

You wont find sheep at the DELTOOL stall but this is an important aspect for living of the grid. At the DELTOOL stall however you would find tools and equipment to build and maintain sheepfold. This is also an excellent income generation opportunity. 

Lawn Mower Setup


Come and speak to DELTOOL at KRAGDAG about your lawn mowing needs. At KRAGDAG DELTOOL will showcase and demonstrate lawn care equipment and give tips on maintenance and repairs on your equipment. Contract mowing is a great opportunity. 

Black Soil

Making compost

At DELTOOL at KRAGDAG you would find all tools and equipment you need to build your compost plant and shredding, cutting and other equipment you need to help making compost an productive exercise. Bagging and selling is an excellent income generator. 

OEM's committed to DELTOOL @ KRAGDAG 2020
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