Personal protective equipment

Hand protection

Our stationary generator range comes in three construction versions, open sets, soundproof sets and container sets ranging from 10 to 3500kva. a Range of these generators are available on a rental agreement

Face and eyes protection

Fuel type options are available in Diesel, Natural gas, LPG and Biogas. 

Ear protection

Our quotation software allows you to rate the size of the generator you need on KVA or KW, if you are not sure what size generator you need we could assist you by logging the power you use over a period of time and match the generator to the results plus possible additional information.

Head protection

Generators are purposely build for primary or standby use, thus making the correct selection is very important to ensure that the generator works for your application. If you are not sure what to select you are welcome to speak to an Deltool expert


Control panels are optional to your generator and included a choice between a manual control panel where human intervention is needed to start the generator, an automatic control panel where the generator is started via robotics when the main power fails and a control panel that synchronizes with an existing generator and comes online when the primary generator has insufficient capacity.

Fleet manager


A communication device that enables remote and real-time supervision and monitoring of one or several generator set control units. The system is ready to send pre-programmed or configurable warnings. The genset transmits information every 60 minutes to the server, or whenever an event occurs. This reduces site visits which translates into fewer operation and maintenance costs. more

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